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 Plumbing Repipe

Call Waterworks immediately if you have defective and failing pipes.

Are you experiencing water with an odd taste or color, or unusually low water pressure? If so, it may be time to replace pipes. Call Waterworks immediately if you have defective and failing pipes. We are licensed experts who stay up to date on local building codes.

Pipes run through buildings under floors, in ceilings and in walls. Besides affecting the quality of your water, these pipes greatly effect the quality of your life. A burst pipe can be devastating- financially and logistically. Letting Waterworks examine your pipes, perform a diagnostic and potentially simple repairs can save you from extensive plumbing problems in the future.

Your plumbing is an investment. A plumbing repiping can drastically improve the resale value of your property, not to mention your peace of mind, and quality of life! Water flow and efficiency has never been so crucial in Los Angeles. Many California homes have plumbing systems with iron piping- including those for drinking water. As iron pipes rust and corrode, they can release an assortment of undesirable minerals into your drinking water, leak, and even burst. Waterworks highly recommends the benefits of copper pipe. Repiping with copper can reduce the need for future repiping, as it does not corrode or rust like iron pipes. If you want to avoid the health risks of iron pipes, and the expense of burst pipes, copper piping with Waterworks plumbing is the way to go.

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