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 Sewer Cleaning

Didn't catch that sock or toy that fell in the toilet?

Your plumbing issue may lie deeper than your fixtures or pipes. Our team of plumbers are trained to recognize problems that may stem from the need for sewer pipe replacement, repair, or sewer cleaning.

Didn't catch that sock or toy that fell in the toilet? These, along with regular waste, can cause clogs that prevent the sewer line from draining to the main sewer line. Another common issue are pesky tree roots, which can grow into sewer pipes in search of water. If you notice a gurgling toilet, or slow drainage, these roots may be the culprit. These roots can entirely clog pipes, and pose a significant problem. Only a professional plumber can remedy this situation.

Traditionally, clogged underground pipes are cleared using a drain snake. Also used for sewer blockages, drain snakes are a long piece of flexible steel that can be fed through the pipes to break up the clog. Its flexibility allows it to curve through the pipe system, and its thick and heavy head can either break or push the clog out of the way.

However, a drain snake is just one of the many tools that Waterworks plumbers have at their disposal. For instances of intense sewer pipe clogs, Waterworks plumbers use a high-pressure water jet. This powerful stream of water can cut through layers of the most severe clogs.

For the most stubborn clogs and serious sewer issues, be sure to call Waterworks plumbers, who are ready to offer all of their skills and expertise.

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