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WaterWorks Plumbing is a full-service plumbing company that provides tankless water heater services in Woodland Hills. We offer a full range of services for tankless water heaters, including installation, repair, and maintenance.
Our plumbers are highly trained, experienced, and equipped to handle any issue with your tankless water heater

How Do Tankless Water Heaters Work?

Tankless water heaters are also known as on-demand water heaters because they heat the water as it is needed. When you turn on the hot water, the water flows through the unit and is heated by a gas burner or electric element. The water is heated instantly and delivered to the faucet or shower. When you turn off the hot water, the unit shuts off.

Traditional water heaters store a large amount of water in a tank and keep it heated at all times. When you use the hot water, the tank is refilled and heated. This process is repeated throughout the day and night, even when you are not using hot water. The constant heating of the water in the tank is a waste of energy and money.

Tankless Water Heater Benefits Include:

Energy savings - Tankless water heaters are more energy-efficient than traditional water heaters. They only heat the water as it is needed, so they don't waste energy keeping a large tank of water heated at all times.

Unlimited hot water - With a tankless water heater, you will never run out of hot water. The water is heated as it is needed, so you can take a long shower or run the dishwasher without worrying about running out of hot water.

Space savings - Traditional water heaters are large and take up a lot of space. Tankless water heaters are much smaller and can be installed on the wall, inside a cabinet, or in a closet.

Longer lifespan - Traditional water heaters last about 10 years. Tankless water heaters have a longer lifespan, with an average of 20 years. They also have replaceable parts, so you don't have to replace the entire unit if a part fails.

Reduced risk of water damage - Traditional water heaters can leak and cause water damage. Since tankless water heaters don't store water, there is no risk of a tank leaking and causing water damage.

Installation, Repair & Maintenance

For whole home repiping, targeted repairs, leak detection, and pipe maintenance, call on Water Works Plumbing for any requirement of water heater repair in Woodland Hills. For more than 30 years, homeowners across Woodland Hills and the surrounding areas have turned to us. Our expert plumbers work directly with customers to understand what their plumbing systems need and deliver tailor-made results. To find out what we can offer you, reach out today. We will gladly provide a free estimate.

When you need a repair for your tankless water heater, we offer same-day service and 24/7 emergency service for urgent problems. Our plumbers are equipped to handle all types of repairs for tankless water heaters and any requirement of water heater installation in Woodland Hills. We will diagnose the problem and explain the issue, so you can make an informed decision about the repair. Do not hesitate to call for Woodland Hills water heater installation.

Regular maintenance is important for keeping your tankless water heater in the best condition. We offer Woodland Hills water heater maintenance services to help you avoid unexpected breakdowns and extend the life of your water heater. During the maintenance visit, we will inspect the unit, clean the components, and make any necessary adjustments.

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